Frequently Asked Questions

What do your insoles feel like?

The insoles are different than most on the market. They feel different based on the individual and must be tried on to fully understand. The feeling has been described in many ways: like walking on a water bed, walking in sand, stepping on Jell-O or like there is a bump under the foot. You will feel a constant massage on the bottom of your foot, all day long. Will the “weird” feeling go away? The “weird” feeling does go away. It could take 20 minutes or it could take a day, it all depends on the person. You will always feel the massage but like anything different, it takes time for the body to adjust to the different feeling. Once you have accepted the weird feeling, it will just feel good. THE WEIRD FEELING WILL ONLY COME AGAIN WHEN YOU FORGET TO PUT THEM IN YOUR SHOES.

Can I wear them all day long?

Yes, you can, yes, you should and yes, your feet and body will love you for them. Less than 5% of people have to break them in, as in a new pair of shoes. Everyone is different, but most people seem to adjust quickly and wear them all day long right away.

How are the insoles sized?

They are based on an individual’s shoe size. The insoles can be trimmed but ONLY at the toe area, if necessary.

What kind of shoes can I wear them in ?

Our insoles are one of the thinnest on the market and can be placed in any shoe. They can be used in sneakers, boots, sandals, dress shoes, golf shoes, cleats, hockey skates and even flip flops. We cut them special for flip flops.

What types of sports can I do while wearing the insoles?

Our insoles are designed for standing, walking, golfing, bowling, and low impact aerobics. They can also be used for running and high impact sports and are used by athletes of all levels. It is all about balance, which is needed everyday and these insoles provide the proper alignment and balance in your life.

Is there a guarantee on the insoles?

There is a three year guaranty, from the date of purchase, on the product to be free of manufacturing defects. We will gladly replace any insole that is found to be defective. No refunds are given due to the fact that insoles are a wearable item.