Poor Circulation

Proper blood circulation is crucial to our existence. Blood circulates throughout the body, tissues and organs to provide nutrients, protect you from germs that cause disease, keep you warm and cool and heal wounds. Poor circulation can cause many problems.

Many health conditions can disrupt the proper flow of blood to organs, tissues, hands and feet. When blood flow to the feet is restricted, many symptoms and foot conditions may occur, such as tired feet, burning feet or cold feet, leg cramps, inflammation or swelling of the feet and ankles, uric acid accumulation caused by gout, or neuropathy suffered by diabetics.

How will the insoles help?

The liquid in the insoles will increase circulation and blood flow in the feet and lower body by up to 78%!! The insoles do so by pumping the blood up and down the arches in the feet with an all day massaging effect. This pumping action releases pressure on the feet and flushes the stagnate blood that has accumulated in the feet while the continual massage breaks up the uric acid that has accumulated and eliminates inflammation which will reduce swelling.