Pronation / Supination

Pronation, the opposite of supination, is an inward tilt rotation of the hind and mid-foot with a lifting of the outside border of the mid-foot and an outward swing of the forefoot. Pronation is general seen in people with low arches.

Supination, the opposite of pronation, is an outward rotation of the hind foot, a lifting of the mid-foot and an inward swing of the forefoot. This is generally observed in people with high arches.

Pronation can cause knee problems and pain and supination could ultimately lead to knee replacements.

How will the insoles help?

Our insoles will absorb shock as you walk, which will alleviate pressure in the feet by the fluid in the insole filling in the voids in the feet thereby leveling the feet and causing the feet to have more stability, balance and support.